ReInvent Me Cherise B!

Learn the tricks of a 23-year beauty, style and transformation expert, Cherise B. as she opens up a whole new world opportunity for those that stay the course!





The Book

How often have you allowed a traumatic life event or the stress of day to day living to stop you from progressing, being happy, being creative or just simply your showing up as you authentic self!!

Often times past hurts and/or current circumstances cloud our vision and interfere with our ability to have clarity on who we are and our self worth. The Cherise B. Reinvention System is a is an uncomfortable but bold journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment that will equip you with the tools you need to regain your confidence and a renewed style that will captivate any audience! Learn from a 23-year beauty, style and transformation expert, Cherise B. as she opens up a whole new world opportunity for those that stay the course! 

As an expert in the “Psychology of Style”, Cherise believes if you can style your mind you can style yout life. Cherise has developed a truly unique approach to creating your own signature brand style. Her meathod illistartes your authentic brand image in a way that is bold and captivtaing. Cherise’s approach assures that her clients develop the mindset, confidence, and ability to be accountable and in a constant state of evolving, which is required to perform at their highest level in their day-to-day lives.

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Working with Cherise led to me publishing my first ever book and creating three other streams of revenue launching this year. Working with Cherise is the investment that pays for itself.
Jennifer Arnise
Author of Fuck That Cape Podcaster Coach


Cherise has championed a proven reinvention system designed to disrupt your mindset and allow you to reIMAGINE your PARADIGM, reALIGN your ENERGY, reDEFINE your WORTH & reINVENT your LIFESTYLE. This process is a reprogramming that teaches you how to practice self-evaluation, self-awareness & self-love to invoke a SHIFT to extreme TRANSFORMATION to make your NEXT MOVE THE BEST in life and in business. 

Energize, Revolutionize & Attract your ideal client through Self Awareness,
Self Love & Style

My C.A.S.H. ReINVENTION System – we apply this system to everything we do

1. Purge -Take Inventory. Look At It. Own It. Forgive Yourself. LET IT GO!

2. Align – Realize who you are, what you have, what you offer, who you offer it to, how you offer it & how much it costs. Look at It. Own It. Realize what you want. ReAlign. Create your Rituals/Habits. Own It.

3. Pursue/Execute – Create A Plan. Own It. Execute It.

4. Profit – Know Your Worth. Own It. Target Sharp. Price Appropriately. Sell smart.

Cherise believes if you “Style Your Mind, You Style Your Life”.

Cherise helped me to monetize my experience, and she taught me how to correlate my signature style with the look and feel of my brand. Working with Cherise gave me the confidence to charge what I know I'm worth.
Jamie Bennett
Lifestyle Strategist

The "Feeling Good as Hell" Challenge

The “Feeling Good as Hell” Challenge is a 5 DAY Accountability, DISCIPLINE & Self Awareness CHALLENGE where Cherise walks you through her C.A.S.H. REINVENTION SYSTEM! 

Each Day of the Challenge you will implement exercises of affirmations, meditations & body stretches that will help you create a daily regimen and routine that will guarantee you make the SHIFT you need in your life. 


The Diamond Lounge

The Diamond Lounge is a tribe of evolving female entrepreneurs that are relentlessly doing the work to dominate in their industries. Its a sisterhood that holds you accountable while cheering you on to the WIN! Join us and experience the true power of being in alignment with your gift. Learn how to overcome the emotional hurdles of entrepreneurship with women just like you! 

Connect with other successful female entrepreneurs and business professionals. 

Enjoy "In the Moment" Master Minds lead by Cherise and her network of industry experts. 

Get FREE advice on how to expand or start your business idea!

Make friends with confident fun women that love to enjoy life!

Best of All!!! Early Bird Access to "The Diamond Lounge Live!" 

Cherise showed me how to attract my ideal client and curated my signature brand style. It was easy to achieve a polished look and all I have to do now is SHOW UP and C.A.S.H. OUT.
ShaNay Norvell​
ShaNay Norvell​