The Cherise B

Beauty & Style Pro, Image Consultant 

Reinvention Strategist

Emerging secret weapon to Beauty Pro’s, Expert Entrepreneurs & Influencers, Cherise B explains “My calling is to disrupt your mindset and push you to give yourself permission to practice a self-evaluation, self-awareness & self-love that invokes a SHIFT for extreme TRANSFORMATION that exudes your brand value before you ever even open your mouth.”


With this heartfelt interest in her clients entire well being based off of her up and down experiences, connections & resources, Cherise realized the direct correlation between how you LOOK, FEEL & PERFORM. This gave her a direct path to building genuine relationships and transparency with women from all walks of life. This became her sweet spot.


As an expert in the “Psychology of Style”, Cherise believes if you “Style Your Mind, You Style Your Life”.  Having developed a truly unique path that aligns your personality & style with your soul & business goals. Her approach helps her clients develop the disciplined mindset, confidence and accountability to perform at their highest level in their day-to-day lives.  


As a pure-bred entrepreneur of 25 years, salon owner for 14 years, with local to international recognition. Becoming a certified image consultant and life coach was imperative for Cherise since she found herself attracting professionals globally who were constantly upleveling in their careers.  


With services as diverse as her clients such as athletes, high level executives, expert entrepreneurs and beauty professionals. Cherise expanded her services to include a full service beauty & style concierge, coaching, image consulting & management, helping them to clearly define who they are, what they do, who they serve, how they serve them and how much to charge them.